Wartris is a Tetris variant and homebrew game for PS1. Developed in 1999 by Pissteam a former group of the Playstation One demoscene. Although Wartris can be played in single-player mode, the focus is on two-player battle mode. The object of the game is to force the opponent to stack up Tetrominoes beyond the top limit (Topping out). This can be done as usual by deleting the own lines or using special tools which can be used as weapons against the opponent.

There are three game modes.
Score mode (1 + 2 Player)
Battle mode (2 Player)
War mode. (2 Player)

War and battle mode can also be played with limbo mode, so there are actually 5 game modes.

The War Mode

Lines that you delete in your own playfield are added to the opponent. You must delete 2 lines at once. If you delete 3 or 4 lines at the same time, you will receive a special tool that will be displayed on the right or left side of the playing field. When you apply the tool, it will stay active for 10 seconds and makes the opponent's gameplay difficult. The tool time can be set in the options menu.

Tools (only available in War mode):

The Battle Mode

The battle mode is like the war mode, but without tools. Each line you delete on your own playfield (at least 2 lines) will be added to the opponent.

The Limbo Mode

As already mentioned, there is a limbo mode, which is available for war and battle mode. The Limbo bar is a virtual cross bar, which can be activated in the options and set to the desired height. The player whose wall protrudes above the Limbo bar loses the game. However, by setting a level time in the options menu, you can build beyond the Limbo bar as long as the level time has not expired. The level time specifies, after how many seconds the level increases. The higher the level, the faster the Tetrominoes fall. The level time can be enabled or disabled.

The Score Mode (2 Player)

The player with the highest score at the end wins.


Wartris for Playstation 1 (bin/cue ROM image)
Wartris PSX ROM

Wartris portable Windows package V1.0
Wartris Windows7/8/10

Additional packages for Windows


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